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$5 Seed Sown and Harvest

At the beginning of the year, Pastor said that if the youth were to give $5, God will eliminate 5 major problems.  Well one of my major problems was me not having a means of transportation.  I had been worrying for months; stressed out.  Shortly after giving, God blessed me with my truck.  I believed and I trusted.

$5 Seed Sown and Harvest Part 2

My 2nd biggest problem taken care of…$5 got my interview at Nike.

All Praise to Our Healer and Deliverer!!!

I went up for prayer for back pain last week. When the pastors laid hands on my back, I felt something changing and the pain left. Later that day, I went shopping and was in the store for over an hour without having to find something to lean or sit on. Then I went home and cooked/washed dishes without having to sit on my stool. Praise God! I gave my testimony on Thursday’s prayer call and afterwards the pain came back. I immediately took authority of the pain and my body and commanded the pain to go in the name of Jesus. It left and has not returned. I give ALL praise to our Healer & Deliverer, God our Father. He is faithful and deserves all the honor and glory and all the praise. Hallelujah!!!

Another $5 miracle

On New Year Eve’s Service, my husband and I gave the $5 offering for our son. He received a check in the mail for $262.00 the very same week. He needs to be here to give this testimony, but I decree and declare he is going to be here in 2019.


 My car broke down the in early part of 2019.  Pastor Taylor told me I would get a new car and I did.  My grandad helped me purchase a new one.  I was like, ok God, thanks!!! 
Well today a family member bought a new car and they were showing it off.  I asked, "what did you do with your other car?"  They replied, "it’s at home. Do you want it?"  I said, "no" jokingly. "I can’t pay you for it" and he replied, "I didn’t ask for payment.  It's all yours. Come get it!!!"  
So, I now have 2 cars.  I’m the proud owner of a 2010 Volvo SUV.  I give God all the honor for His words that never return void.  I’m screaming BIG TICKET ITEMS!!!!

Blessings Just Keep Coming

With my new position, comes a new laptop. I was browsing around the company store Friday since I haven’t been in there in a while. I saw some laptop bags and remembered that I would need one for my new laptop. I didn’t look in detail, just browsed. At the end of the day. My peer asked if I had one and if I wanted her extra one that she had in her drawer. I said I didn’t have one and yes I’ll take it. I thanked her and she said she will take it home to wash it.
A few seconds later she said no. I said, “What?” We started walking onto the elevator.  She started off saying "when she sees a good deal she likes to get it; whatever it may be." She handed me a bag from the company store and said the Lord convicted her.  
I said, “What?! You’re giving me this?”
"Yes," she said.  She gave me the brand new laptop bag that she thought she purchased for herself. I said, "thank you" and hugged her. I just thank God that He takes care of me.
** As I was writing this testimony, someone blessed me with a book that I was wanting. Thank you Lord for taking care of me!! Hallelujah!!! 
I pray blessings and favor over all those that has blessed me forevermore.

Bonus on My Job

Bonus on My Job: On Thursday's prayer call, Apostle Taylor prophesied that there would be bonuses and blessings in the amount of $1,000.00.  On Friday morning, Feb. 7th, I received an email from our CEO that stated every eligible employee would receive a $1,000 bonus.  Praise God that I was eligible and will receive that bonus!  My manager also contacted me and confirmed it.  Hallelujah!

Complete Healing!!!!

In 2001, I was diagnosed with Lupus and confined to a wheelchair for 2 years.  I've also been diagnosed with scleroderma, diabetes, acid reflux (where I slept in chair for a couple of months), vascular necrosis, neuropathy, hypertension (200 over 200), and Raynaud syndrome (blue fingertips)...BUT GOD!  When people ask me how I'm feeling, I just laugh because I know how God has healed me. 

I got a call and my doctor asked me to see an oncologist.  Blood cancer was thought to be the diagnosis and I had all the symptoms.  God told me not to tell anyone.  Three weeks ago sitting in Baptist Regional Cancer Center, I called in to the prayer call.  Pastor was saying favor ain't fair.  I thought I'm going to believe the report and then Pastor said, "Believe the report of the Lord".  The doctor came in and said no cancer!

Dream Home this Year!!!

I give my testimony in advance according to Romans 4:17.  I do as God did and "call those things that be NOT as though they were".  I will have and thank God for my Dream Home in 2019.  I continue to delight myself in Him and He will give me the desires of my heart.  So I sow seed into the ground of the prophesy given by our Apostle and Pastor concerning a new home.  Amen.

Favor through the Storm

The storm came and tore up some stuff in our newly built sub-division. Whole Air Conditioning  and Heating units blown off of their foundations and such...BUT GOD!  No damage to our household. We just had to get the trash cans out of the backyard and put them back in place.  HALLELUJAH!!


Every year I normally pay the shortage of escrow to keep my mortgage the same and not have an increase. This year not only was my note lower, but I received an unexpected check from my lender. I thank God for being a part of this book of Acts church.

Fully Paid for House!!!

After 21 years of living in rented apartments and houses, a dream came true for us this week. We did not win some lottery, but family blessed us with a fully paid for home in Cordova! We received several prophetic words about owning a home through the years, and this past Tuesday, we were given the keys!!!!

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